Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Term has started in Durham again. Although the weather is beautiful, exams are coming up and stressful times lay ahead. I'll see you on the other side.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter in the desert

Happy Easter everyone! 
Since I had to leave California early to get back to my studies, we decided to celebrate easter in advance. We decorated easter eggs, ate obscene amounts of chocolate and had traditional Swedish easter food.

American easter candy - peeps and reese's peanut butter cups!

Golden eggs! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

COACHELLA - Part II, Night

My amazing time at Coachella carried on into the night. Me and Taylor started off by dancing to Calvin Harris like two crazy people. 

Coachella by night - beautiful!

Happy gals hanging out at the artist compound, keeping an eye out for Dillon Harris.

We met a girl called Athena. She had made her headpiece herself!!

At Lana Del Rey. She seemed a bit "off her tits" to be honest.

I'm not going to lie, it was nice not having to fight for every inch of breathing room in this crowd.


Mary J Blige came out during Disclosure's set!

This was the last band we listen to before we headed back backstage for some free thai food! Duck Sauce - I didn't know them by name but definitely recognized their songs.. remember the Barbara Streisand song..?

All of the sudden Paris Hilton was dancing right behind us! She seemed to enjoy every bit of attention she could get and so all of the sudden she started posing for the people around her.

They gave us masks of Barbara Streisand in the VIP.. and duck beaks!

On the way out..

Goodbye Coachella! I had an amazing time, see you next year!! 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Now that I'm back in England to catch up on my studies (sad times), I finally have some time to update the blog. The last few days in California were very hectic indeed. Despite visiting my parents once a year, and they live a ten minute drive away from the Coachella Festival grounds, I had NEVER actually been to the Coachella Festival. Outrageous I know.

This is until I met Kate, an amazing person who went out of her way to get me a ticket. But it wasn't just any ticket - it was VIP and Backstage! This meant I was allowed to go hang out in the artist compound, I got to stand in the front of every stage and I was driven around the six different stages in a golf cart. I was hanging with my friend Taylor for a bit but also met loads of new cool people. I will definitely have to go again next year.

Outfit details. The most important accessory of them all - 
the backstage wristband (different wristbands are different colours).

Walking towards the gates of heaven.


I'm playing by the illusion mirrors.

This is the backstage path. Walking from one concert to another can take ages, especially in the evening when the full 100k audience is out, so this path saved a lot of time! There were drivers in golf carts that made sure you would make the next concert on time.

Well hello there.

Hi love.

The artist compound. Each artist had their own trailer where they would hang out after their set. It was hard not to get starstruck but I did my best to look composed haha.

The 1975 - the nicest guys! 

With lead singer Matt Healy

These steamers were luxury when it was a 100 fahrenheit.

Flosstradamus. I've never listen to Trapp before but I might after hearing these guys.

Skrillex came out on stage for a minute or two and rapped (!!)

Stay tuned for part II - there was too much awesomeness to fit into one post! =)